The global pandemic arises from Covid 19 Virus has been affecting both health and the global economy. Being aware of this havoc situation, NPS always has its top priorities on employee’s health and safety along with our social responsibility. We have been issuing and covering all the precautionary measures which include risk assessment, follow-up, and close monitoring of the situation. Although this is quite a challenging part; the company combines the effort of well-formulated management plan as well as collective efforts and determination of employees toward the work, NPS was able to records its profitable operating performance. NPS has made a profit of THB 2,177.48 Million THB which is the new milestone in company history. Not only this, but TRIS also upgraded from BBB- to BBB credit rating.

NPS operates with its main motto for sustainable clean & green energy provider. Our Company generates and sells the electricity and stream as main business activity. The digital transformation which was adopted in 2020 had led the company for its digital disruption by implementing digital tools and technology in the workplace. With its aid, efficiency has been enhanced in the production process. Not only this, but it had also lowered the inevitable risks from the use of program simulation in the production process. This simulation allows to generate electricity and stream under optimal operating conditions. This helps to create more efficient production process and ensure to utilize of energy in its full worth.

In addition, we aim to be the leader in energy providers using mixed biomass fuel wherein wastes would be utilized with an efficient operation management system. The company had also adopted AI in the production process to achieve better operation output. This will sustainably help to grow the production from renewable energy as well as maintaining long-term customer relationships.

At the present, the company owns 10 operating power plants capable of generating both electricity and steam, with a combined installed capacity of 726.05 MW and 2,486.80 tons of steam per hour. This is supplied to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and customers in the industrial areas.

Although NPS is not registered on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), the company complies with the principles of good corporate governance. Currently, the Management Committee is comprised of experts from a diverse background who review, advise, manage, and act on any matter within the purview of the Board of Directors. These experts can also appoint Audit, Risk Management, and Governance committees to improve the management of subsidiaries for greater efficiency in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance espoused by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

NPS is always aware of its corporate social and environmental responsibilities. We give prominence to safety and the occupational health standards of employees, contractors, visitors, and communities, including environmental sustainability. NPS goes to considerable lengths to prevent pollution and promote the wise use of resources and holds community activities to continuously advance the economic and social development of our neighbors.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank shareholders, debenture holders, and all stakeholders who trust, support, and grow together with us, in turn bringing the country ever closer to energy self-sufficiency.