National Power Supply Public Company Limited (“NPS” or “the company”) aspires to be the leader in sustainable power generation by researching & developing – and growing – the ‘Ton Palang Ngan’ (Energy-Tree), which is suitable for use as a renewable fuel, as well as sourcing other energy crops to create new high-potential green fuels. Rather than relying on non-renewable fuels like oil and natural gas, which are rapidly becoming depleted, NPS has focused on innovative sources of sustainable renewable energy to supply the future demands of the Thai people, foster synergies between the agricultural and energy sectors, and generate income for our nation’s farmers through new careers, always adhering to our business philosophy of “Growing the Power, Sustaining the Future”.

Pursuant to NPS’ goal of becoming a fully integrated power producer by growing the fuel required to generate electricity, the course of our business has developed continuously and sustainably alongside our commitment to the community, society, and the environment – our Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR.